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"As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp" is the first episode of the first season of Clueless, and the first episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 20, 1996 on ABC.


Cher takes over as "Miss Buzzline", the school's newspaper advice column, but her bad advice causes trouble with her friends.




  • Heather Gottlieb as Tai Frasier
  • Sean Holland as Sean Holiday
    • Chris M. Allport as the voice of Sean Holiday (uncredited)


  • Dan Sarfati as Matty
  • John Gatlin as Lucas
  • Mollie Heckerling as Sarah
  • Brandi Andres as Girl #1
  • Kena Land as Girl #2
  • The Muffs as Themselves


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Stacey Dash, Elisa Donovan, Donald Faison, Twink Caplan and Wallace Shawn since the theatrical film.
    • It also marks the first appearance of Rachel Blanchard, David Lascher, Michael Lerner and Sean Holland as they were not present in the film.
    • Though Holland was present in the film, but credited as a different character.
  • Broadcast out of sequence by ABC, this episode went out as the first episode on September 20 1996, instead of the pilot, "Don't Stand So Close to Me," which took seventh position when it eventually aired on November 1, 1996.