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The first season of Clueless consisted of eighteen episodes. It is premiered on ABC on September 20, 1996 with "As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp" and concluded on February 14, 1997 with "Secrets & Lies".


Cher Horowitz and her best friend Dionne continue to be Bronson Alcott's It-Girls with friends, foes and more along the way.


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1.01 | September 20, 1996
Cher takes over as "Miss Buzzline", the school's newspaper advice column, but her bad advice causes trouble with her friends.

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1.02 | September 27, 1996
Cher enrolls into drama class and meets a handsome guy named Donal. They then set a date at a late-night Jazz club, despite Mel giving Cher a strict curfew.

EP103 Official Image 01.jpg

1.03 | October 4, 1996
Cher and Dionne volunteer to clean a local city park.

EP104 Official Image 01.jpg

1.04 | October 11, 1996
Cher gets a bad haircut from a celebrity hairdresser.

EP105 Official Image 01.jpg

1.05 | October 18, 1996
During a class presentation, Mrs. Geist-Hall falls over a backpack and gets hurt. Principal The principal forbids the students from now on to carry backpacks. Cher and Dionne do not accept this ban and organize a protest.

EP106 Official Image 01.jpg

1.06 | October 25, 1996
Dionne and Murray break up, with Cher playing mediator between their arguing.

EP107 Official Image 01.jpg

1.07 | November 1, 1996
After Mel puts her on a strict budget, Cher tries to search for the "perfect" outfit to impress her substitute teacher while Mr. Hall's sick.

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1.08 | November 8, 1996
Cher's new crush is the actor Kip Killmore, who hires Mel as his lawyer. Cher later finds out that Kip isn't as dreamy as she once thought.

EP109 Official Image 01.jpg

1.09 | November 15, 1996
Cher falls deeply in love with a college student. They are a match made in heaven until Sonny finds out how old Cher is.

EP110 Official Image 01.jpg

1.10 | November 22, 1996
Cher becomes determined to get her driver's license.

EP111 Official Image 01.jpg

1.11 | December 13, 1996
Cher falls for the son of Cher's legal rival.

EP112 Official Image 01.jpg

1.12 | December 20, 1996
Cher starts a fashion muff business. However, after she sells them at a show, the reality of running a business sets in.

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1.13 | January 3, 1997
Cher sets her father up with Sheila Kendall, a successful lawyer and author. But putting the two together makes Cher feel neglected.

EP114 Official Image 01.jpg

1.14 | January 10, 1997
Bronson Alcott High School receives a new principal, who forbids cell phones and institutes other strict rules. When Mr. Hall is fired, Cher decides to act.

EP115 Official Image 01.jpg

1.15 | January 24, 1997
Cher finds herself partnered with the school genius/total geek, Felice Lesser. Despite coming from different social circles, Cher is shocked to discover that she genuinely likes Felice, and must decide whether to keep being friends with her once the project is over, despite what it could mean for her social standing at Bronson Alcott High.

EP116 Official Image 01.jpg

1.16 | January 31, 1997
Murray and Sean are having a new passion – golf - with Dionne feeling neglected. She then seeks advice from Cher, who suddenly teams up with Dionne against Murray and Sean in a "Battle of the Sexes" golf game.

EP117 Official Image 01.jpg

1.17 | February 7, 1997
Cher becomes attracted to the new student, who seems like the perfect guy. But she soon figures out that he is not as perfect as she assumed.

EP118 Official Image 01.jpg

1.18 | February 14, 1997
It's Valentine's Day and Cher unintentionally tells Murray that Sean and Dionne once dated which sends Murray on a jealous rage.



  • Rachel Blanchard as Cher Horowitz (18 episodes)
  • Stacey Dash as Dionne "Dee" Davenport (18 episodes)
  • Donald Adeosun Faison as Murray Duvall (18 episodes)
  • Sean Holland as Sean Holiday (main, 5 episodes; recurring, 13)
    • Chris M. Allport as the voice of Sean Holiday (18 episodes, uncredited)
  • Elisa Donovan as Amber Mariens (18 episodes)
  • David Lascher as Josh Lucas (18 episodes)
  • Twink Caplan as Mrs. Geist-Hall (18 episodes)
  • Michael Lerner as Mel Horowitz (18 episodes)
  • Wallace Shawn as Mr. Alphonse Hall (18 episodes)


  • Julie Brown as Coach Millie Diemer (5 episodes)
  • Christin Hinojosa as Lillia (2 episodes)
  • Heather Gottlieb as Tai Frasier (3 episodes)
  • Jeremy Wieand as Larry (3 episodes)

Special guest stars



  • This is the first season of Clueless.
  • This is the only season to premiere on ABC.
  • The season takes place right after its predecessor ended.
  • Cher Horowitz and Josh don't date this season.
  • This is the only season to feature Twink Caplan, David Lascher, Michael Lerner and Wallace Shawn as Mrs. Geist-Hall, Josh Lucas, Mel Horowitz and Mr. Hall.