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Dionne Davenport (film)
General Information
Age 17


Alias(es) Dee (by Cher)
Occupation(s) Student
Status alive
Relations Information
Relationships Murray Duvall (boyfriend)
Other Information
First appearance Clueless (movie)
Last appearance Clueless (show)
Portrayed by Stacey Dash
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Dionne Davenport is a character in the 1995 film, Clueless.

(Stacey Dash in the film and the series)

Dionne is Cher's closest friend and confidante. She is a fashionable, upmarket young woman who, like Cher, possesses a high social standing. However, she is less willing to "use (her) popularity for a good cause" than Cher. However, Cher is usually able to convince her to be involved in her schemes, such as the matchmaking of Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist.

Dionne occasionally uses Valley Girl slang similar to that used by Cher and others, though does not use it extensively; Dionne is well-spoken and clearly intelligent—at times, it seems, more so than Cher.

Dionne is involved in a steady relationship with Murray Duvall through the majority of the film and TV series; their relationship is seen by many to be somewhat volatile (with their large-scale public spats being a common sight), but they do also care for each other. Dionne states during the film that she is a virgin, though later, after a frightening experience on the freeway, Dionne's virginity goes "from technical to non-existent," according to Cher. The sexual element of their relationship is not raised in the television series until the final episode.