Clueless Wiki

 "Yeah. I can’t find my Cranberries CD. I gotta go to the quad before anyone snags it."

Is in Cher's debate class. 

Is totally popular according to Cher and Dionne. 

During the photo sesh he rolls his eyes but places an arm around Tai because Cher says so. 

Keeps a picture that Cher took of Tai but not because of Tai. 

When Tai gets hit with a shoe Elton makes sure that she is conscious and asks if she can sing Rolling With The Homies while making a wave motion. 

Has kissed Cher in a game which he counts as a kiss. Takes Cher home from a Sun Valley party and attempts to make a move on her but is rejected. Cher leaves the car. 

He and Tai don't go together. Do you know who is father is? 

Is seen at a party dancing with Amber. 

Played by Jeremy Sisto.