Gail Lucas is the ex-wife of Mel Horowitz, former stepmother of Cher Horowitz, and mother to Josh Lucas in Clueless.

Clueless (film) Edit

Before the events of the film, Gail Lucas married the widowed Mel Horowitz, and raised their children together as a family. However, the couple were faced with difficulties in their marriage that culminated in a divorce. Thought no longer in a happy marriage together, Gail, her ex-husband and their children nonetheless managed to remain in a friendly quartet.

Cher mentions in a discussion with her father that he was hardly married to Gail and that was five years ago, indicating that the marriage/divorce took place five years prior to the events of Clueless.

After Cher and Josh returned home after having fan at the party with Tai and Christian the night before, Gail calls Cher to see how she's doing and whether she knew where Josh was, since she wanted him to come home for Spring Break. To hide Josh's true whereabouts, Cher tells Gail to check the dorms at the university to see. Gail says she will do that and bid Cher farewell.

Clueless (series) Edit

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Family Edit

  • Mel Horowitz (ex-husband)
  • Cher Horowitz (ex-stepdaughter)
  • Josh Lucas (son)
  • Brian (fourth husband)


  • "Hi Cher, how are you?"
  • "Is my son there, cleaning out your refrigerator?"
  • "Alright, bye, hon."